Centre for Child and Family Justice Research – Child of the North

This report from The Centre for Child and Family Justice Research examines the inequality between children in the North and the rest of the country and includes research on poverty, pregnancy, child mental wellbeing, physical activity, obesity and food insecurity, schools, care, ethnic minority experiences and more. The findings paint a stark picture of inequality for children growing up in the North of England post-pandemic compared to those in the rest of the country.

To care for a child, we need to care about their choices, their future, their equality. Childhood should not be something that happens to children but something they have a say in and have control over. We must put children’s rights at the heart of our society. Inequality has been shown to be one of the most damaging things to society. This report is a call to government, to educators, to all of us who are participants in this society, of our duty to gift our children equality, no matter where they are born.

Lemn Sissay OBE,
Poet, Author and Chancellor of the University of Manchester

Read the full report here

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