Civil Society

How does CSI work for me?

CSI will work cohesively with the third sector to:

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Be a listening ear

We want to understand and unpack the issues that the third sector are facing within the current ESIF programme, which are affecting their ability to use European funds effectively.

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Be a collective voice

We will raise these issues through dedicated CSI representatives sitting on the national committees and will pro-actively work for solutions.

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Influence and make change

We will gather the knowledge and experience of third sector organisations in the delivery of European funded services to influence the focus of the remaining 2014 – 2020 Programme and to feed into discussions around the future Shared Prosperity Fund and other legacy funds.

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Get key information to you fast

We will communicate the information gathered to the sector through easy access digital and web- based channels.

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Help shape the discussion

We want to ensure that the programme accurately reflects a cross-section of views from as many projects as possible from across the country.  If you would like to help shape the discussion then please let us know the following:

  1. Please describe any issues outstanding, or that need further clarity, which would make your BBO programme more inclusive or more successful.

  2. Please indicate what you believe to be a constructive solution to  each issue raised.

  3. Have you had issues which have been resolved and you think would be helpful to share with other projects?

Please send your responses to CSI Research Co-ordinator, Andy Churchill, at, or share your experiences with us on Twitter @CSIInvolvement.