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Get the latest news, findings and research relating to the third sector from the Civil Society Involvement team here on our blog. We want to understand the key issues within the current European Structural and Investment Funds (ESIF) programme which are affecting the ability of third sector organisations to use European funds effectively.

Minimum Income Standard for the UK 2022

The Joseph Roundtree Foundation has released its annual update of a Minimum Income Standard (MIS) for the UK – the amount of earnings, as a society, is deemed necessary for…
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Citizens Advice Cost of Living Dashboard

Citizens Advice have recently launched their first cost of living dashboard, which includes accessible graphs and insights into the problems people accessing their services are facing. Key trends highlighted so…
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What Works in Youth Employment Partnerships

The Institute for Employment Studies have published the first output from a three-year project on improving access to good quality work for young people. ‘What works in Youth Employment Partnerships’…
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Low Pay Britain 2022

The Resolution Foundation has released their twelfth annual report on the state of low pay in the UK.

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Low-income families in challenging times

A new study from The Joseph Roundtree Foundation reports on the experiences of low-income families during the second half of the pandemic, facing a cost-of-living crisis and “increasingly uncertain world”.

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The Living Standards Outlook 2022

The Resolution Foundation has released its fourth report on the outlook for living standards in the UK over the next year and beyond, considering household incomes, forecasts from the Bank of England and Office for Budget Responsibility, the conflict in Ukraine and policy changes.

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Centre for Child and Family Justice Research – Child of the North

This report from The Centre for Child and Family Justice Research examines the inequality between children in the North and the rest of the country and includes research on poverty, pregnancy, child mental wellbeing, physical activity, obesity and food insecurity, schools, care, ethnic minority experiences and more. The findings paint a stark picture of inequality for children growing up in the North of England post-pandemic compared to those in the rest of the country.

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Towns and Cities: Local Power is the Path to Recovery

Ahead of the upcoming Levelling Up White Paper, this House of Lords report examines towns and cities as ‘the beating heart’ of the UK. The report hopes three changes can be made: empowering local leadership to ensure regeneration is locally tailored; supporting towns to ensure blend of retail, housing, workplace, and leisure opportunities; and tackling inequalities through community engagement.

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