CSI launches to improve access to European funding programmes

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European Structural and Investment Funds are incredibly important to the work of the third sector. And while the vote to leave the EU leaves the funding landscape uncertain post 2020, it is incredibly important that we utilise the programme as fully as possible for the remaining 2014-2020 programme.

From small to large, voluntary, community and non-profit organisations, feedback shows that it can be difficult for third sector organisations to access and use these funds effectively.

Introducing CSI…

The Civil Society Involvement (CSI) programme has been launched to better understand the issues which are currently being faced by the third sector. We will work with the sector to get to the root of these issues and will feed our findings back to the Growth Programme Board.

Our skilled CSI representatives will sit on the Growth Programme Board’s nine national sub-committees, including: Performance and Dispute Resolution, Equality and Diversity, Employment, Skills and Social Inclusion, as well as Sustainable Growth and Development, SME Competitiveness, SUD, Communication and Evaluation.

These findings will not only influence the focus of the remaining 2014 – 2020 Programme to make the funds as accessible as possible but will also inform important discussions around the Future Prosperity Fund and other legacy funds.

How to get involved

To make the project as effective as possible, we are asking you to share your experiences with us so that we can understand and unpack these issues.

Can you…

  1. Please describe any issues outstanding, or that need further clarity, which would make your BBO programme more inclusive or more successful.
  2. Please indicate what you believe to be a constructive solution to each issue raised.
  3. Have you had issues which have been resolved and you think would be helpful to share with other projects?

Please send your responses to CSI Research Co-ordinator, Andy Churchill, at andychurchill@civilsocietyinvolvement.com, or share your experiences with us on Twitter @CSIInvolvement.

With your help, we can give the third sector a national voice and positively impact the future our colleagues in the sector.