IMPORTANT FUNDING UPDATE: Everything you need to know about the final round of ERDF calls

With the Brexit deadline extension until 31st October, you might be wondering what the future holds for European Funding and your Third Sector project.

Julia Sweeney, Director of European Programmes and Local Growth at Ministry of Housing, Communities & Local Government (MHCLG), has written to our CSI representatives on the Growth Programme Board with an important update on the final round of ERDF calls for funding proposals.

Here’s everything you need to know if you’re currently receiving funding, or thinking of applying…

Everything you need to know about the final round of ERDF calls

  • Following the six-month Brexit extension agreed with the European Union, MHCLG have confirmed that ESI funds (including ERDF and ESF) will continue to run and support growth plans until the programme ends in 2020.
  • The next (and final) round of calls for proposals under ERDF will be published on 28th June, with applications closing on 27th
  • All current calls under the ESIF programme can be found here:
  • MHCLG intends that the ERDF programme will transition to the centrally administered Reserve Fund towards the end of the year, once they are confident how much funding has been (or is likely to be) committed. This aims to ensure that the full value of the programme is realised and any risks associated with exchange rate fluctuations can be effectively managed.
  • The exact processes and operation of the Reserve Fund is expected to be set out in the next Growth Programme Board meeting happening in June.

These final ERDF funding calls will be a valuable opportunity for the Third Sector to tap into European Funding streams before the current programme ends in 2020. For anyone thinking about exploring funding for the first time, this is also an important chance get in the loop about the funding process before we see new legacy funds come in.

If you work in the Third Sector and would like to share your opinions around the funding process with us, you can contact us via Our team of expert representatives on the Growth Programme Board can feed this back at a national level.

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