Community micro-enterprise as a driver of local economic development

This report from the New Economics Foundations illustrates through the example of micro-enterprise how social care can be a way to develop and strengthen inclusive economies. It says that care is, fundamentally, a major economic sector and has enormous potential to be a driver of inclusive economic development, both locally and nationally.

The report finds that micro-enterprises are:

  • Spreading a form of entrepreneurship that is accessible to and benefits a wide range of people, above all, older women looking for rewarding, flexible work
  • Creating roles that offer more autonomy and control than a typical care job
  • Supporting recruitment and, above all, retention in social care
  • Enabling more personalised care, by devolving decision making to people needing, and those providing, support
  • Building social connectedness, by helping people to participate in their communities and to develop and maintain relationships with others
  • Growing resilience, creativity and diversity in the social care sector, and in local economies more widely

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