Joint Committee on Human Rights: Black people, racism and human rights

In response to the awful killing of George Floyd in the US, Black Lives Matter protests in the UK have highlighted once again the racism and inequality that exists here. Racial inequalities in the protection of human rights raised by the Black Lives Matter movement led the Joint Committee on Human Rights (appointed by the House of Lords and the House of Commons to consider matters relating to human rights in the United Kingdom) to commission polling which found that over three quarters of Black people in the UK do not believe their human rights are equally protected compared to white people.

The aim of this inquiry was to embark on a new round of fact-finding in a small number of areas that the committee felt had not been sufficiently examined before. For example, it draws on oral evidence on the issue of maternal deaths among Black women.

The committee’s recommendations highlighted in this report focus on what needs to happen now to drive forward the implementation of recommendations from existing reports to deliver lasting change and protect Black people’s human rights.

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