The Liquidity Trap: Financial Experience and Inclusion in the Liquid Workforce

In the UK today the threat of being out of work appears to have been replaced by a new worry: financial insecurity.

This report from Demos finds that the liquid workforce are less likely to be able to access financial services and products. The liquid workforce encompasses the self-employed, temporary workers, zero-hours workers, freelancers and those with multiple flexible forms of employment.

This lack of financial accessibility, coupled with a lack of traditional employee rights and benefits, means that the liquid workforce are less financially secure than typical workers.

‘The Liquidity Trap’ sets out a policy agenda to boost the financial security and inclusion of the liquid workforce, considering three main research questions:

  1. How does the financial experience of the liquid workforce differ to that of the general population?
  2. In relation to their financial experience, what specific challenges does the liquid workforce face?
  3. What steps can financial institutions, regulators and Government take to improve the financial experience of the liquid workforce? Download the full report here: where can i buy ivermectin

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