The Long and Winding Road: The introduction and impact of Universal Credit in Liverpool City Region and the UK

A new report by The Resolution Foundation assesses the current status and impact of Universal Credit (UC) – the re-designed welfare system in the process of being rolled out across the UK. Using Liverpool City Region (LCR) as a case study the report reviews key findings about the experience in the LCR, as well as nationally, making recommendations to improve and strengthen the system.

Key Findings:

  • There has been mixed experiences of moving on to the new benefit system. The digital focus of UC and the process of claiming was positive for those with IT Skills, but negative experiences were reported by those moving from the previous off-line claim system, with little support offered directly from the government.
  • Compared to the legacy benefits system UC is replacing, more families are losing out from the switch to UC.
  • Delays in the system such as waiting times for first payments put recipients under significant financial and mental stress.
  • UC incentivises those claiming to enter work for most groups, there is varying understanding about how taking on work will affect income from benefits

Download the full report here:

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