Guidance Update: Reversal of COVID-19 easements for project site visits

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The Managing Authority has announced in an Action Note (published 18 November 2021) the reversal of COVID-19 easements in relation to ESF project premises visits.

ESF Grant recipients are advised visits to project premises will now be an option for Project Inception Visits (PIVs’), On the Spot Visits (OTSVs) and Contract Management Reviews.

ESF Contract Managers will make initial contact to discuss arrangements and determine if the visit will be virtual, or if attending project premises will be possible. When the Managing Authority attends a project site, there will be a requirement for the project to complete and return a Health & Safety Assurance Questionnaire in advance of the visit.

Read the full action note announcement here

In response to COVID-19 restrictions, easements were put in place to support the continuity of project delivery, as grant recipients and beneficiaries adapted to remote working and made more use of electronic methods. While a return to site visits is now an option, some easements will be eligible for the remainder of the programme as previously detailed in our update here

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